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Thread: Circus Swing Prop

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    Circus Swing Prop

    This was going to be the easy build of the season, the tuff one was the pump car. But in my typical fashion I complicated matters. The swing will be the typical carnival ride you see where the top spins. Like those large rides, I will also have a counter rotating center pole.

    Here is the starting video. I promise, this run of vids will not be so extensive....

    Thanks for taking the time to watch!

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    It's the special attention you give to your props that make them so enchanting to viewers. Looks neat, Dan!
    Even though the DIGWDF Store has closed, it's still awesome! Thanks to all who have supported us through nearly 7 years of excitement!
    Parts of the store will remain open for downloading documentation, firmware and Gerber/DipTrace files:

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