I've found that some of the Pi distros don't automatically open up the ability to use SSH and therefore, once you fire up a Pi-Zero, it can be very hard to work with. This micro-usb to USB "hub" is an invaluable tool if you're working with a Pi Zero. It gives you the option to plug in an USB keyboard, USB mouse, or even a USB wireless adapter.

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But an even better solution to working the the Pi Zero is to use a Pi-3 with a PiTFT display and configure the Pi distro that way. When you've got it the way you want it, then shut it down and plug the micro-SD card into the Pi Zero. I love this thing! I can plug in the micro-SD and watch it boot up right on the screen, and of course, the Pi-3 has plenty of USB ports to plug in KB/Mouse, and it's wired or wireless... Having this absolutely makes configuring Pi stuff a dream. Well worth the $30 it cost from Walmart!