It's been a hoot working with the DIGWDF engineers over the years to create weird and hopefully useful gizmos for the community, and it's always fun for us to see pictures of other DIYers' gear only to notice that DIGWDF is printed on some of the parts. It always makes us proud to see that most of them haven't caught fire! At least not yet, anyway...

I want to thank everyone that's supported the DIGWDF Store over the past 7 years, because the profits from the store -- meager though they have been -- were initially the only thing that kept on the web. Later, after the support program was created, your kind contributions augmented store sales and now, we're on some good footing for the future.

In the store, most all the leftover boards are gone and because the component parts we had for sale last year didn't go too well, we'll be taking a bunch of stuff to the recycling center this month along with a bunch of routers, switches, modems, old PCs, hard disks, cat5 cable and more.

It's been a great ride, friends. Thanks for taking it with us!