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Thread: Programming RF1s

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    Programming RF1s

    I have four RF1s that I'm trying to program with a Komby FTDI and I'm getting the infamous "not in sync" errors on upload. I can pull the chips out of the RF1s and put them in an Uno and they program just fine.

    Is there any way to verify the FTDI is working properly?



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    Basically means it dosen't think you have anything attached.

    What ftdi adaptor do you have?

    Ether the reset line is not working right.
    Or try swaping tx and rx.
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    I'm using a Komby programmer - - and I verified that the FTDI chip is good. The serial console works fine so it appears that the reset line is not working properly.

    I'll try rigging a manual reset button into the circuit to force RST low and see if that makes a difference.

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