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Thread: I'm now a believer

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    I too love the light keeper!
    But if it doesn't work (rarely), I pull a bulb from the middle of the strand/circuit and using a multi-meter with one end jammed into the source plug and measure voltage. If you have 120v on one path and nothing on the other inside the bulb socket/receptacle, the other path has the problem. Move halfway in that direction and repeat. If you have less than 120v move toward the source. It is a very simple one way circuit. The extra wound wires are just return path and if there are more than 35-50 bulbs then another individual circuit.
    Until this simple bubble sort investigation dawned on me a couple years ago, I had been known to swap every bulb in succession chasing these problems. Sometimes it is not just bulbs though. I have found damaged sockets and breaks in wires, etc. Many brain cells have died in these obsessions.
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    Yes this little thing is a gem!! We were given a Christmas tree from my mother in law who wound it with 25 strands of lights. She wanted to get rid of it, only because there were too many lights out on it and she did not want to re-wrap it. I bought the light keeper and we were able to get about 7 more years out of the lights on the tree, finally had to replace the lights this year - tree is still in great shape.

    But thanks to the light keeper, we got 7 more years out of the lights and my mother in law was very impressed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Cherry View Post
    That's called a cascade event. You had to many bulbs shorted out on the string and the rest of the bulbs cannot handle the extra voltage so they all short out until the fuse blows or one of the bulbs shorting ring opens up.

    Look at the glass bulbs and if all are black, you need to replace them all.

    Light keeper pro website has replacement bulbs in 100 pack at a good price.


    Inventor of the LED keeper
    Funny thing, not one of them was black.. and yes, I know it's a cascade failure. Two strings on the same tree, each the second half of a 96 light string, (yep, 96. prewired tree).. very strange as they worked when put away last year.. I had to find out with an ohm meter since so many were history.. wound up replacing all 96 rather than worrying about whether or not I could save a few.

    I know your Light Keep does well for many.. for me however, not so much. I own two of them and have only had it work once in the years I tried it. I also own one of your LED ones.. Haven't used it yet.. now that I am dark may never get the chance..


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    Funny, I've always had very little luck with the LightKeeper. I use this instead to hunt down bad bulbs:

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    I've owned the lightkeeper pro for years. It has many functions so if the plug and click don't work there are other options to help find
    the problem. I have replaced most incans with LED's and now own the LED kepper, I've used it several times this year already. Love
    Them both. Ray

    I love this stuff!

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    LED Keeper just simplified my life. 1/2 of the blue and white led string on one of my window frames were only lighting dimly. I just brought in the frame and hooked those strings up to my LED Keeper and fixed both within about 15 minutes. Now I need to get more of the Replacement Pods for these quick fixes.
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