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Thread: Video editing help

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    Video editing help

    OK, this is probably easy, but I am struggling with it.

    I bought a real projector to use in my window this year (a better one than the cheap HD one I was using). I used to turn the HD one so that the video was vertical in the window, but the new one can't handle that.

    My plan was to take the vertical videos and make a horizontal one with black on the sides.

    I have a free editing tool that I like, but I think I am missing a concept. When I start a new project in the editor, I import the vertical video and rotate 90. The issue is that when I play it on my projector, it works and looks fine, but it isn't as tall as it used to be. I am guessing that I am doing something wrong with the resolution, but I am not a video guy.

    Any ideas? TIA

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    when you watch the video on the editor, is it okay?

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