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Thread: Edgerouter VLAN configuration

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    From your now "real world experience", have you seen any degradation in speeds or in responsiveness due to the fact that VLANs are designed sharing the same physical wire?

    Thanks for any impressions you can put out there for the rest of us.


    (I am a firm believer in FACT trumping THEORY, any day!)

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    In my scenario, very little traffic shares the same physical wire. None of the show traffic ever hits the router, that all gets handled in the switches. The way I currently have things set up, all of my home networks stuff is plugged into the main switch, so none of that traffic goes over the trunk links to the other switches. Eventually, I'll have a few other things like cameras on those remote switches. But I haven't done that yet. The only traffic that crosses the VLAN (and goes thru the router) is the DHCP traffic from the show network, and any management traffic for the FPPs and controllers.

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