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Thread: Wiring across the sidewalk...

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    I swear Dave has stock in silicone glue

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirknerkle View Post
    Some folks burrow under, some go on top, I go in the junctions between sidewalk panels. I wedge some good SPT-1 wire down into the groove and seal it with some clear silicone glue. Works perfectly, holds all winter long and doesn't affect the snow removal people. In the spring, removing it is easy: just pull it up and then strip the silicone glue from the wire. No, it's not to code, but as Christmas lights are regarded as "temporary lights," so is my solution.

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    I think this is a great idea but I want to add a word of caution just to be safe. If you have someone who does your landscaping and there is grass on one or both edges of the pathway where the wire crosses, you will want to make sure your landscaper is aware that the wire is there so they don't cut through it with their blade edger. Some of them move at a very fast pace and might not notice exactly what you've done before they hit it.

    Although putting a ramp over the wires would provide a visual cue, I like this better than the ramp method since people can still trip on the ramps...

    Ok back to the regular scheduled program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanoNJ View Post
    I swear Dave has stock in silicone glue

    My secret's out.... (dang...)
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