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Thread: Corrosion on led strands..?

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    Corrosion on led strands..?

    So I am curious to hear from anyone that has possibly ran into this but I have had numerous LED strands since I first started purchasing full wave LEDs back in 2008 that the wires have seemed to get some copper corrosion on them if you will (thinking this is not the proper term but the wires when stripped look dark and dingy like) So I was curious to see/hear if anyone else has seen this and what you did to correct the problem? I currently have 3 or 4 strands of multi that I purchased back in 2011/2012 that the LEDs only light dimly, upon cutting the wires and stripping them to test on a new rectifier circuit thinking the rectifier was the problem I discovered this corrosion issues. Sadly this is not the first time I have seen this personally but wanted to hear if others had also and if there was/is any kind of solution besides the obvious of buying new strands.. thanks!!

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    I had purchased 6 sets of blue led net lights a few years ago. After one month of operation, one set went very dim. That set was replaced under warranty. At the close of that season, I had another set that went out completely. The problem was in the plug and socket at each end of the net light. They enclosed a pc board that had water intrusion. I don't know how water got in there since it was sealed completely. None of the plugs or sockets lay on the ground. In order to access the pc boards, I had to destroy the plugs and sockets but found the problem. I actually found a resistor rusted off the pc board on one plug. It was very strange to me that this could have happened in such a short period of time. For safety reasons, I scrapped both sets of net lights. The remaining 4 sets plus the set replaced under warranty have been working perfectly for the last 2 years. Knock on wood! I think that sometimes you can get a bad batch of lights and the following year they learn from there mistakes.
    As for light strands, I haven't had any corrosion issued with them.

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