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Thread: Ethernet question, do these controllers use an IP address?

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    Ethernet question, do these controllers use an IP address?

    These controllers are amazing! I'm using the 16ch boards with POE for the first time this year, I made some pixel props that I'm happy with and really excited to set them up this year. I have a question about the ethernet portion of these controllers, do they need an IP address? From what I can tell, they just listen on the network and pick up any multicast packets and process the data. Is this correct?

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    The E1.31 DMX standard uses UDP mulitcast addresses from to Since it is multicast, no ARP message is required, the IP address is predefined. The original wiznet ethernet module used for the first Ethernet based pixel controller only supported 6/7 IP addresses at any one time, so the software folks defined unicast. Which is basically uses the same UDP messages, but all data is sent to the same IP address. This allowed the wiznet module to support more than the 6/7 universes for multicast. The uni-cast also allows the dumb routers to send the messages only to the correct port, without flooding the network with messages. The multicast has the same ability to do this with with the IGMP message, which ask each end point if they want the multicast message.

    My controllers are rather dumb and do not support the IGMP message or unicast. So I generally recommend that you don't use your Ethernet port for both the Internet and lighting.
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