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This stuff is, after all, intended to be a "concrete sealer for driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, concrete floors, quarry tiles, paver bricks, bricks and masonry." The instructions state that it's "designed to seal and protect both interior and exterior concrete surfaces." There's no mention about using it on cardboard, wood, or painted materials. I'm most definitely using it out-of-spec!

This stuff dries clear, so I don't believe it would change a color much but the bigger question is whether it would stick to a painted surface. The cardboard I painted was originally untreated and is now a bit darker than it was before; I'd attribute that to the sealer soaking into the cardboard. It's supposed to be applied to porous materials but the instructions say that you can apply multiple coats and each one should make it shinier than before when it dries, but that was in reference to concrete.

The first coat covered great because the cardboard was untreated. But when I gave the cardboard the 2nd coat, the first coat was dry and it protected the cardboard so it didn't appear to be a universally smooth coating like the first one was. It dried smooth though -- I would assume that's what might happen to a painted surface.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. BTW, it does not have a strong odor at all and while it's milky-white to begin with, it dries clear. It is definitely not a paint like a latex paint -- it's much too thin.
I'm very pleased with how well this waterproofing sealer works! Here's a photo of the back side of the boxes after several rainy days and now snow. There's no collapse at all of any of the boxes.

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