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Thread: Pixel Extender Trouble Shooting

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    Pixel Extender Trouble Shooting

    Hey Guys,

    Just looking for some guidance. Got a new batch of pixel extenders this year to solder together, and I've assembled a couple so far and I cannot for the life of me get them to work.

    I'm using a bridge that is working on my old batch of pixel extenders from last year, and it lights up the pixels no probelem. I connect a new extender to the same bridge and pixels and nothing. The green power light is lit on the extender, but I can't get any action. At first I thought maybe I soldered something wrong, but tried my second new one and it's a no go too.

    Any thoughts?


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    Where did you get the pixel extenders?
    Is power passing through appropriately?
    Is the power being converted to appropriate voltage for the chip? Is the chip right side up?

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