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Thread: 2018 Christmas Card Swap! Sign Up Here!

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    My cards go out tomorrow!!! YEAAAAAA!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirknerkle View Post
    My cards go out tomorrow!!! YEAAAAAA!!!!
    That's just not right... I don't even have my show up yet, lol

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    Envelopes are addressed, still have to sign the cards. I decided to do it by hand this year rather than labels as I am only doing a few handfuls of cards. But it is still too early to mail them. My plan is to get them ready to go this week, and mail them after Thanksgiving for the CONUS addresses
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    Mine should go out on the 1st

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    If anybody did not make the official swap and would like to get a card from the Caribbean - PM me your address by the 19th and I'll include you - Card will in all likelyhood not get delivered till January though :0

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