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Thread: What are you working on for next year?

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    Working on the Bethlehem star that will lay flat on the garage roof. It'll be secured by paracord going over the garage roof and attached to the ground behind the garage and also to the front of the garage under the eave. I'll secure the outer shape with muskie line (75 pound wound filament fishing line) so the spokes won't move, and then I'll paint it black to match the roof. Two channels will animate it so it will "pulsate" and I'm toying with the idea of controlling it with a DIGWDF 675 connected to an SSR that will be mounted at the base. Not quite certain yet on that, but it'll be lit with incan mini-lites because they'll melt any snow that might collect on them whereas LEDs won't. Here was the graphic I modified and then I decided to move the center just a bit higher because the roof is slanted, and visually it will appear just above the middle from the viewing angle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Even though the DIGWDF Store has closed, it's still awesome! Thanks to all who have supported us through nearly 7 years of excitement!
    Parts of the store will remain open for downloading documentation, firmware and Gerber/DipTrace files:

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    My show is probably about 5 years old now so pretty much going to do a re-build from the ground up. Get rid of some of the older tech and try to catch up with the newer stuff.

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    Well year 2 of this sees me building some mini arches. Nothing as fancy as some but fancier than what you find round here.

    Got the final design sorted and just waiting for supplies to arrive.

    Each arch will have 25 pixels in and covered in lightweight pvc conduit.

    Original concept used 30 string pixels couldn't find aluminum support of the optimum length. Revised design use ribbon style pixels mounted on a 1meter length of 12mm flat covered in 900mm of said conduit and cable tails at each end.

    Once built will work how to use them in the display.

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    Just updating my "to-do" list...

    Quote Originally Posted by dirknerkle View Post
    Hmmmm..... good thread, Jon.....

    DONE 1. Survey neighbors to determine if the increased traffic this year was disruptive for them. Everything else is dependent on that.

    DEFERRED 2. Retouch the Singing Choir colors. The ropelight colors are OK but not as vivid as they were 7 years ago when I made it. Also replace the outer arch incan mini-lites with LEDs. Decided not to use this prop in 2018

    DONE 3. Build another pixel pole for the 2nd megatree. Already have the pole and materials... It's a nice little 2-3 hour project...

    4. Design & construct a more elaborate manger. I have some thoughts in mind involving PVC, wire frames, bales of hay and variants of FloodSticks...

    DONE 5. Design & construct a large Bethlehem star to lay on the garage roof. It's a big, wide, dark area that beckons for something bright and it's the only part of the roof on my house that I can actually get to. This will probably be lit with white incans so that the heat will melt any snow that might accumulate on it.

    DONE 6. Add 5 or 6 new sequences that are appropriate for and support the manger scene and Bethlehem star.

    DONE 7. Change out the electronics in Lars (my big animated snowman) and replace servos with linear actuators. This is a pretty big project as it involves quite a bit of reconstructive work on the body. Not excited about that part... Repair Lars' mouth (again).

    DONE 8. Replace the virtual Santa projector with a brighter unit; construct a new platform for it.

    DONE 9. Invent another new electronic gizmo for blinky-flashy. I have a thought in mind there, too... (PiNard)

    EDIT: Forgot a few things...

    DONE 10. Add a donations box and promo announcement to support P.D. Shimmers' project. Mike's house is only 4 blocks away and is cutting back next year so this might help him out...

    DONE 11. Convert some RBL's into either dumb RGB or pixels, not sure yet. Plan is for each RBL to be standalone, AC powered and wireless much like the FloodSticks are...

    IN PROGRESS 12. Retire.
    Additional projects picked up along the way....

    DONE 12. Create better way to hang wreaths

    DONE 13. Replace remaining XBee-based controllers with ESP radios

    DONE - but did not use 14. Create snowflake poles for DirkCheapFlakes now that we have no trees to hang them on.

    DONE 15. Create two, 17' pixel firesticks for front entry.

    DONE 16. Redo MegaTree#2 lights to match MegaTree#1. (Will do this during setup - piece of cake)

    DONE 17. Set the DIGWDF Engineers free.

    18. Close down the DIGWDF Store
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    Even though the DIGWDF Store has closed, it's still awesome! Thanks to all who have supported us through nearly 7 years of excitement!
    Parts of the store will remain open for downloading documentation, firmware and Gerber/DipTrace files:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomL8345 View Post
    Also in no particular order.

    Build my Monopixel CandyCane upgrades (thanks, Dirk!)
    Build my 20W RobG floods I purchased a couple of years ago
    Build my conversion for RBL's that I picked up this year during after Christmas Sales
    Build my Singing Spinner Snowmen - I will start a new thread as I work on this project
    Sequence a few new songs - TBD
    Update all sequences for new props that I actually complete and add to display
    Ok, Just as an update:
    Monopixel Candy Canes - on Hold
    RobG Floods - on Hold
    Convert RBL's to Pixel - Done using Pixel Puck from Ray
    Singing Spinner Snowmen - Done Thread and Wiki
    Sequence new songs - Done - Light of Christmas (Community Sequence), Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Monique Danielle)
    Update for New Props - 6 songs to update yet - ranges from minor tweaks and changes to possibly much more depending on time
    In addition I am updating two of my CG-1500 enclosures using the designer on Free printable design software and Fabrication if you wish, check it out

    So HOW ARE YOU DOING on YOUR list of expectations?
    2012 - 1st year 64 Channels - 7500 LED lights - 5 sequences
    2013 - 128 Channels - 10,000 LED lights - 7 sequences (2 New)
    2014 - 201 Channels - upgrading 8 Arches to dumb RGB - 8+ sequences (1+ New)
    2015 - 240 Channels + 8 Universes - sequences TBD
    2016 - No Display
    2017 - Back in the Game - 240 Renard Channels + 12 Universes
    2018 - 256 Renard and 9 Falcon Outputs of Pixels - 16 sequences shown over 2 nights

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    My Sanity! If anyone should find it, please return it. I'll be the guy buried in a last minute change to the setup!

    Only thing I'm working on at this time, so please keep an eye out for it.

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