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Thread: feature request/idea location

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    feature request/idea location

    Is there a location for feature requests or ideas? I've taken a break from looking at sequencers for awhile but decided to download it today to take a look.
    I have to say Vixen + is on the verge of exactly what I've been missing with Vixen 2.1.

    I plan on taking a look to see if I can add what I'm thinking myself(this is what I love about open source) but in the meantime I'd like to toss the idea out there and see what the general thoughts are.


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    My understanding is the John (Macebobo) quit doing the development on V+ a couple of years ago. He was looking for someone to work with him on the development of the sequencer, but did not have any takers.

    I too personally really liked the V+ software, and I edited some tutorials for him when he held webinars on the software. I would be thrilled to have someone pick up the mantle to move this forward. I would love to help, but writing code is not in my skill set.
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