So recently I purchased a DIY JYE Tech DSO-SHELL DSO150 15001K oscilloscope kit from Banggood and it turned out pretty good. If anyone wants to put their solder skills to test and get a $22 oscope out of it then I think its worth it. Just make sure you test each resistor and mark them down (or tape them to a sheet of paper marked with the rounded value). There is a discrepancy when you calibrate the scope that you do need to place it in AC mode (instead of DC mode shown in pictures) and follow the recommended timing and voltage level to tune the scope.

Sweet! I now have a $22 scope that can read some logic stuff I deal with. I was able to look at IR signals from a receiver and look at a parallax distance sensor signal etc. However one thing that it lacks is the ability to really drill down to the lower us seconds so I can trouble shoot Pixel data (namely ws281X pixels). So I have been looking around and have found some other Sub $100 2 channel Scopes that can get down to 1.25 us / 10 Msps and make it possible to troubleshoot pixel strings. for a lot of us I think having a pocket scope would be a great tool to troubleshoot problem pixels etc.. whats your take? Would a pocket oscope be a great tool and if so would you use it?