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What's all about?

This is a site for do-it-yourself Christmas Lighting decorators -- especially those who are interested in computer animated Christmas lighting. But you may also find stuff here that involves computer control for other hobbies -- animating props for Halloween, for example. If we're lucky, maybe some good jokes, too! We'll see what transpires but our goal is to have fun, share information and explore the world the DIY way...   BTW, this is also one of the leading sites for information on cutting-edge Renard controller development with Renard Plus, and Vixen+, the next generation of easy-to-use light sequencing software.

DIY-U - DIY University
We're building a reference section for common electronic parts -- how they work, how they're used in DIY lighting -- to take some of the mysticism out of the magic of computer animated Christmas lighting. We'll also be including sections on how to home-etch circuit boards, how to design circuit boards, etc. all explanations are in layman's terms. Our hope is that it will encourage "out of the box" thinking and help DIY'ers to create new gizmos.

What else is here?

 The DIGWDF Store where you can buy stuff that you didn't know existed! It's THE place to go for wireless Renard controllers and adapters! DIGWDF is Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory: "we don't follow the rules -- we just make them up as we go along!"

Oh yeah, and there's Dirknerkle's Lights, too...  not the best, not the worst, just what it is.  Dirk doesn't spend a lot of time on it -- it's more-or-less just a place to keep "stuff" in a sort of historical sense. He says that "some day, if I ever finish sequencing, I'll bring it up to date with new photos and info..." Click the photo to go there...


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